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logistics company employer review

Collaborative problem-solving and professional atmosphere. Great diversity in warehouses and a practice of promoting from within. A large transportation company with 1,000 employees and an annual revenue of $3.1B, Burris Logistics is headquartered in Delaware.

  • What areas do you want to improve in order to achieve your goals?
  • Where earlier reviews may have centered around making the employee feel comfortable, the 90-day review is their first real performance review.
  • 92% of employees would recommend working at XPO Logistics.
  • "XPO Logistics does a great job of moving any type of freight, anywhere in the world by land, sea, air or rail."
  • How do you feel your ideas are valued by your teammates?

You can improve your 90-day reviews by asking for employee feedback on them through surveys and/or conversation. Use employee feedback to tailor your 90-day review template and create a more effective process. The main goal of a 90-day review is to provide feedback on the employee’s performance as they begin to settle into their position. The following steps can help you conduct an effective 90-day review.

Xpo Logistics Reviews Faqs

While an employee is unlikely to say they are unhappy with their decision to work for you, their initial response to the question can help you gauge how they are truly feeling about the position. Management letting bad employees exceed their allotted attendance points. Use our tool to get a personalized report on your market worth. We calculated the performance score of companies by measuring multiple factors, including revenue, longevity, and stock market performance.

logistics company employer review

When you meet with the employee, go over the performance review that you’ve written. Highlight any important callouts, such as constructive criticism. After going through the full review, you can ask employees prepared questions to further gauge how they are feeling in their role.

How Would You Rate The Company Culture Of Burris Logistics?

Employees at the parent company, Burris Logistics, earn $36,487 whereas employees at Trinity Transport earn $51,762, on average. 92% of employees would recommend working at XPO Logistics with the overall rating of 3.9 out of 5. Employees also rated XPO Logistics 3.5 out of 5 for Company Culture, 3.9 for Rewards You Receive, 3.4 for Growth Opportunities and 3.6 for support you get. "3PL Company in the Inland Empire. Excellent benefits provided for my family and myself. There are other job opportunities with this employer through out the United States. This was a good company to work for." Glassdoor has 38 The Logistics Company reviews submitted anonymously by The Logistics Company employees.

logistics company employer review

Not only can you identify areas that may need to be expanded in your current onboarding program, you also gauge what areas the employee is interested in learning more about. During the pandemic, a jump in online orders prompted a hiring spree but caused tension with workers concerned about entering warehouses. Cases of COVID-19 ballooned at warehouses, according to The Markup, and workers at fulfillment centers in New York and Alabama have responded by organizing unions. What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Upper Management wants their billable numbers up so they release billing that has not met the customers requirements and then all of it is dumped on the Dispute Specialist to fix it. In the mean time we have customers who are annoyed that we promise we can set up their billing requirements the way they want but we never get a correct invoice out on the first billing.

Schedule A Specific Time To Conduct The Review

"I worked at XPO for 3 years. I loved the people and management, but I wanted to go another level with my career. I can’t say anything bad about XPO in Portland, Tennessee." Get started with your Free Employer Profile to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and share your brand story with top talent. Eddy uss express llc employee reviews is the all-in-one HR tool built with you in mind. The robust features and ease of use will benefit your company both inside and outside your HR team. Which co-workers have been most helpful since you arrived? This question helps you identify valuable employees who you can potentially recruit as mentors in the future.

Day Review

We calculated the diversity score of companies by measuring multiple factors, including the ethnic background, gender identity, and language skills of their workforce. The boss was very friendly to me and explained how the warehouse functioned. It was in a good location close to home and it was a family oriented business that was there for a while.

This rating has improved by 4% over the last 12 months. When preparing your 90-day review and the questions that will be a part of your meeting, consider the following tips. If the employee is performing above expectations, make sure to call that out and help them set realistic goals that they can achieve in the long term. If they are struggling to complete their day-to-day responsibilities, you’ll want to steer the conversation towards methods to improve their performance. Gain insights into the effectiveness of your onboarding process.

You don’t want to catch an employee off-guard with an impromptu performance review, and you don’t want them to think that their 90-day review isn’t important. Schedule time in a private setting to give your full attention to a one-on-one meeting. What difficulties have you experienced working with supervisors, co-workers or customers? If there is a specific instance that you called out in your performance review, this is a good time to address it. Otherwise, this opens https://www.manta.com/c/mk23qrm/uss-express-delivery-llc-reviews up the floor to the employee to share any instances where they experienced difficulties with their team. The investigation resulted in "corrective action and additional training requirements for those in her reporting line," the spokesperson added. "We also reviewed Ms. Newman’s interview process, leveling and onboarding, and determined that she was properly placed in her role at the company. We are currently investigating the new allegations included in the lawsuit."

According to our data, the lowest paying job at XPO Logistics is a Intern at $20,000 annually. According to our data, the highest paying job at XPO Logistics is a Branch President at $130,000 annually. The all-in-one HR Suite built for local businesses with deskless https://kellerlogistics.com/ workforces. But the work can be grueling, some staff don’t stick around long, and there are growing efforts to unionize this modern blue-collar workforce. This XPO location is embedded in the customer, so the work environment is different than most other sites.

However, conducting a 90-day review with all employees ensures that you are touching base and gauging how all new hires are acclimating to the company and their role. Where would you like to see yourself in the long-term with the company? Not only does this get the employee thinking about their role with the company, but opening a conversation about long-term goals https://www.openpr.com/news/2381807/llc-uss-express-review-about-delivery-company-how-employer will likely make the employee feel valued and improve retention. Gather feedback from supervisors and co-workers to write your performance review. If there are other employees who work more closely with the individual you are reviewing, ask them for feedback to better inform your performance review. 92% of employees would recommend working at XPO Logistics.