2021/12/19 21:24

xQc couldn’t help but poke fun at a nervous Sykkuno regarding the latter’s ‘snitching’ activities during their time together on GTA RP.

The two popular Twitch streamers met in real life for the first time, and the internet went into a meltdown after seeing the duo together following all their shenanigans on the streets of Los Santos.

While it looks like the shy and timid xQc had quite a blast during their meeting, he made it even more hilarious when he ‘called out’ the fellow streamer for giving away ‘hard-worked information’ to their opponents on GTA RP.

During xQc’s day out with his girlfriend Adept, Sykkuno, and many others, the Canadian superstar streamed their adventures on his Twitch channel.

When the trio sat down for a chat, Adept asked if Sykkuno felt a bit nervous about meeting them.

Before Sykkuno could respond to the question, xQc intervened to mention that he knew why the fellow GTA RP player felt that way:

Sykkuno jokingly tried to refute the silly comments from xQc. However, before the former could reason against his friend’s argument, xQc took it a step further by agreeing with the stance that Sykkuno deserved the hate for snitching.

Adept and Sykkuno gasped at the thought of the latter receiving hate from Twitch and GTA RP fans.

While the duo knew xQc was messing with Sykkuno, the Canadian streamer clarified to viewers that he was just kidding.

However, he later joked around and Top Site Info stated that he wasn’t kidding about Sykkuno’s snitching and he actioned for a wand battle against his fellow squadmate.

In the end, it looks like Sykkuno couldn’t have asked for a better meeting with xQc after their antics on the streets of Los Santos. With all the hilarious bank heists and adventures they have been part of, it sure seems like fans want more of Sykkuno and xQc on GTA RP and in real life as well.

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